Manual Testing Services

At Mango Projects, we make our clients Mango with successful projects. Our Vancouver based company offers most reliable automated and manual software testing services, by making use of best practices and standard methodologies to detect issues early on in the software lifecycle.

We design unique testing strategy for every single project as we understand that the demand of each project is unique. Within the entire testing cycle manual testing becomes the important and crucial part to ascertain high-quality performance of the software. We understand the pitfalls of solely depending on either manual or automated testing services, and hence, our testing strategy contains appropriate proportion of manual as well as automated testing.

Depending on individual project requirements we perform manual testing either using black box testing or white box testing methods. We validate the behavior of each feature within the software against an array of correct & incorrect data.

Mango Projects expert testing team aims to refine your system and uphold the quality of the software by crafting and implementing a rigorous quality assurance plan. However, we make sure that our testing solutions are cost-effective at the same time.

Our manual testing suite consists of below testing process and more

We define testing specifications based on the type of application, be it web, desktop or mobile. Our team is well-versed with testing methods and processes and their implementation. That makes our team efficient in designing testing strategies that include both manual and automated testing where required. For instance, we stress on manual testing in business critical applications and applications that have frequent functionality changes.

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