Non-functional Testing Services

Mango Projects is a full cycle software testing services based at Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Our testing services include a comprehensive suite of testing processes, function as well as non-functional tests, required to identify bugs and glitches and improve quality and performance of software application.

While our clients rely our manual and automated testing skills, our non-functional testing services have also won their trust and confidence. Our exhaustive toolset contains various testing tools and techniques to check the software for its security, reliability, scalability and performance. Quality assurance of software requires both functional and non-functional testing. Functional test alone can only tell if your software is working as expected, whereas non-functional testing can provide a complete insight into the performance of an application.

Mango Project’s non-functional testing services consists of

Performance Testing

Under this testing procedure, we check if your system response time is appropriate and acceptable. We use various sets of data as well as set up significant load on the system to test the response time during the execution of business critical processes.

Load Testing

This test is carried out to check if your system can sustain the load of too many users at one time. We replicate the production load in the test environment to perform this test on the system.

Security Testing

In this test we check if the system can protect itself from malicious attacks and preserve the confidentiality and integrity. We put the authentication and authorization process to test in order to eliminate any chances of trespassing. Network security check is also a crucial part of this testing process.

Usability Testing

This test will check how easy-to-use the system for your users is. We help you identify the problems your users may face while using the system.

Volume Testing

Within this test we check the ability of your system to exchange of large volume of data. Using various test cases we ensure that your system does not break down when the database size is huge.

Stress Testing

We carry out stress testing to check how the system handles excessive load. We create a test environment to generate maximum allowable load and check the response of the system.

With our non-functional testing services we help you get a clear picture of software performance by consistently monitoring and evaluating the performance in various scenarios. We track down performance issues by conducting component level performance testing and systematically collect and evaluate data to identify the root cause of the issue. We then take appropriate action to prevent any future occurrence.

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