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Prototype & MVP Development

Any size of business whether startup, small, medium or large organization needs to keep its cost in control. In such scenario, experimenting with a new product can be risky, especially for startups and early-stage firms. Thankfully, there are quick and less expensive means of validating a product.

Mango Projects has a pool of experts equipped with the right set of tools and methodologies required to create prototypes and MVP (Minimum Viable Products) for web, mobile and enterprise applications. Our Vancouver based company in British Columbia is here to support startup communities, entrepreneurs and innovators by offering our prototype and MVP development services at competitive rates.

We offer prototyping & MVP services for:

Mobile applications
Web applications
Enterprise applications

Prototyping Services

Software Prototyping Services to Get the Right Product, the First Time

MVP Development

Build MVP to check if Your Product Idea is fit for the Market

Why Mango Projects for your Prototype & MVP Development?

Mango Projects is among those companies that provide end-to-end prototype & MVP development services. Our proven processes ensure highest return on your investment with minimal risks. We emphasize on details and focus on delivering the best possible solution at less cost and time.

Code Comments

Very few companies take code comments seriously and Mango Projects is one of them. Code comments help existing developers understand code written by other developers and also help new developer get hands on application quickly.

Unit Testing

Unit Tests are basic building blocks of DevOps frameworks. Unit tests are highly ignored by developers and companies for long. Mango Project is one company who make sure all the unit tests are implemented for the project from the very beginning. Unit tests also help to check if code is not broken due to any new development.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive designs are norm for the today’s website considering tremendous increase in the mobile users. We make sure our UI designs are mobile responsive and created using latest HTML, CSS and Scripting language.


We understand Prototype/MVP is required to be developed in such a way that it can be scalable, expandable for larger user base for the future. At Mango Projects we try using System Design principles and best practices to make sure your MVP is reliable, scalable and easily maintainable.

Product Prototype development is, indisputably, an extremely important part of software development. Software Prototyping enables you to validate your concept, refine functionalities, identify potential risks, discover hurdles beforehand, and, most importantly, get a feel of your future product in the primary stages of development.

Prototyping services can even help you control your investments by reducing risks of errors as well as gaining the ability to set realistic goals, enhance performance and usability of your future system.

Our Software Prototyping Service Approach

Requirement Gathering & Specifications

This is the first step to get a clear picture of your idea and ensure that every minute element is included within. Our QA team will ensure that the documentation is up-to-the-mark. We can help you create prototypes from scratch or validate your existing working model with exceptional software prototyping services for your web application or mobile application.

Static Mockups (Sketches)

Static mockups are developed to gain clarity on the functional features and the correlation between different modules of the application. This cost-efficient and time-saving process helps mitigate any misconception in the initial stage itself.

Visual Design Interface

Our expert prototype design team will create a blueprint of the system with brilliant graphical user interface that is appealing as well as intuitive, to depict the look and feel of your future system.

Clickable Wireframes

We prepare wireframes to walk you through your future software before its actual development. Our expert team will simulate the behavior of your application by adequately applying business logic and technicalities that helps you validate workflows and system functionalities with sample data based on different business scenarios.

MVP Development Service Offerings

Our team of MVP specialists can convert your idea into MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using the lean product development approach. Mango Projects team will help you develop a product with must-have features that can be released to market. With MVP development you can verify the following with minimized development costs:

Mango Projects team is all-equipped to build a product with minimal features which can later be developed into a better, more mature product. We study user feedback in iterative cycle and work on product enhancements to evade common product mistakes and ensure that the product evolution is in the right direction and increases ROI, with each release.

Our MVP Development Approach

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

We begin with understanding your objective behind the product. We gather your requirements and perform competitive analysis, SWOT analysis etc.

Choosing the Right Technology & Platform

Next, we perform feasibility test and identify the possible challenges and choose the right platform, technologies and tools for MVP development.


We prepare a blueprint of the project, if required.

Documentation & Blueprint

Mango Projects team is pro at preparing detailed documentation that includes complete details of use cases, choice of technology, roadmap and project planning.

Building MVP

We develop the MVP based on the blueprint and test every unit that is built. We take feedback on every build from stakeholders and clients.

Beta Release to Market

Once the product is ready with its minimal, must-have features and is approved by the clients, it is set to go live.

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