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Corporate Intranet should be more than just a place to store information. It is a platform where your employees can collaborate with each other on daily basis, work together and be more productive. However, in absence of an organized set of essential features and functionalities, your intranet investment could turn into a liability.

Getting employees trained for intranet adoption is another challenge faced in intranet adoption. Often, complex interfaces and weak search capabilities become the culprit of low adoption rates among employees.

At Mango Project, we have the key to make your intranet adoption, a complete success. Incorporated with our experience, knowledge and best practices of successful SharePoint implementations, we have designed intranet that unlocks maximum features of SharePoint and office 365.

Intranet that offers exceptionally productive and cognizant business environment

We help our customers create maximum value of their investment by providing them intelligent intranet that is specifically crafted for their business. With our years of Microsoft development experience we make the best use of SharePoint online and Office 365. We strive to create a digital workspace that caters to the unique needs of the organization and its people. Our intranet framework aims to accelerate productivity and engage people across departments – HR, Finance, Communications, Production, Sales, IT, Marketing and more.

Simple, Flexible and Easy-to-use Intranet

Our primary focus is to create an intranet that everyone uses, every single day. With our prime focus on easy-to-use interface, we create interactive and engaging intranet platform that invites greater employee participation. We match your unique needs by providing the required bells and whistles over our pre-built intranet curated with essential features and functionalities. We design intranet that emphasizes on simplicity and flexibility.

Revolutionize Your Business Operation with Ready-to-go Intranet

Your SharePoint intranet will take as little as 8-12 weeks. We can help you create powerful intranet, packed with rich features and functionalities within no time. You can switch on our ready-to-roll intranet developed on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Within weeks, your business will be ready to adopt intranet that engages and encourages communication and collaboration among your employees.

Unlocking the True Potential of SharePoint

There are innumerable ways SharePoint can be put to use. However, bringing on its true potential requires seasoned Microsoft development experts. At Mango Project, we have provided cost-efficient and powerful SharePoint solutions that have revolutionized the way businesses are done. We have offered productive solutions using SharePoint online, Office 365, On-Premise SharePoint 2013, On-Premise SharePoint 2016.

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